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Mariposa Cabin
View Looking Toward Front Of Cabin
North View From Cabin Bedroom
South View From Deck
Town of Green Mountain Falls
Picnic Area
The public pool is open 9 June through 18 August from 10:30am-5:30pm daily.  $3.50 admission.
The Pantry.  Best place for breakfast.   The favorite: Chicken fried steak with country gravy, eggs, country potatoes, and cinamin raisin toast.  Great summer patio.  Guests enjoy seeing Cowboy Tom play on the patio.
Town Hall Description
Marshall's Office
Historic Town Hall.  Vandals burned down the town hall in 2012.
Hikes Around the Mariposa Cabin
Falls along the Thomas Trail. These falls are all a 10-40 minute hike from the cabin.
Falls along Thomas Trail
View towards Green Mountain Falls from the Thomas Trail
More falls along the Thomas Trail
Ruby and Vince
One of the many small falls near the Mariposa
Area Scenery and Activities
Nadine and I took a scenic drive and hike along this trail between Fairplay and Breckenridge.
4X4 Trail between Fairway and Breckenridge.   I decided it would be easier to park and take pictures.
Photo Album
Vince fishing Eleven Mile Canyon.  Who needs waders.   Beautiful canyon to visit, even if you don't catch anything.  The canyon is about 30 minutes west of the cabin off Highway 24.
Dad's catch of day at Lake George.  A friend had us as their guest at this private fishing lake.
The wild burros near Eleven Mile Reservoir, 60 minutes west of Colorado Springs.  These wild burros are descendants of the burros left behind after the gold rush days
Bear Warning :-)
Bird Feeder Outside Bedroom Window
Twin Rocks Cabin
Zoomed in view from cabin
Shed to store your gear and toys
1957 Green Mountain Falls Photo from Jeanne of her Grandparents.
1957 Picture from Jeanne.  Is this the Mariposa cabin?  See if you can find this cabin in town.
Picture from Jeanne of our her Granparents.  What the Mariposa may have looked like in 1957?
Higginbotham Family at Mariposa 2019